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Dot Pro

Pinkman Dot Pro Vape Kit (Vampire Vape)

Pinkman Dot Pro Vape Kit (Vampire Vape)

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Vape with ease with the Dot Pro, an ergonomic starter kit powered by a 350mAh battery with capabilities of reaching a full charge in just 45 minutes.

This device offers a simplistic vape by utilising prefilled pods that magnetically clip into the battery for easy vaping and set-up. Alongside this, the Dot Pro comes with a sophisticated draw-activated design, meaning you simply inhale on the device for activation.

The kit comes with a single pod, filled with our finest fruit flavour, Pinkman. The fruit medley is vibrantly enhanced with the honeycomb mesh core build that evenly heats and absorbs the juice.

The pod holds 2ml of e-liquid and features 20mg salt-based juice which effectively curbs cravings whilst delivering a juicy fruit medley of flavours.


Introducing the Dot Pro Kits & Pods, the next level starter kit with sophisticated designs that offer a simple yet satisfying vape. The Dot Pro Kit offers a unique vape with air-driven activation, 45-minute recharge and prefilled pods that make switching flavours a hassle-free task. Our prefilled pod range offers a varied selection of fruit, menthol, baked and tobacco flavour, ensuring everyone can find a pod that suits their palate. To find out more about the Dot Pro Kits & Pods visit our Blog.





The Dot Pro Kit offers a simplistic vape utilising sophisticated designs which includespuff activation with users only having to inhale on the device to vape.

Further designs include the honeycomb mesh technology that evenly heats and adsorbs liquid that heightens the Nic Salt flavours. The Dot Pro comes with a leak-proof design and utilises prefilled pods in a bid to reduce maintenance and mess. Assembly of the device has also been simplified with both the battery and base using magnets to attach and complete the set-up securely.

This starter kit offers an effortless vape with maximum flavour whilst incorporating higher nicotine juice that effectively curbs cravings. Ideal for new and experienced vapers.

  • Effortless Vaping
  • Quick Assembly
  • Leak-free Design
  • Magnetic Connection
  • Air-driven Capabilities
  • Salt-based Prefilled Pods
  • Honeycomb Technology
  • 45-Minute Recharge Time


The Dot Pro Kit is built with you in mind, offering an ergonomic vape with a sophisticated build that activates when a user inhales on the mouthpiece.

The addition of magnetic prefilled pods allows for a straightforward set-up with minimal maintenance required. These salt-based pods slide easily into the device, allowing you to just Switch, Click and Go in one swift movement.

This streamlined pod is entirely portable with the device fitting nicely into the palm of your hand, bag or pocket.

The Dot Pro is an undemanding starter kit that offers an effortless vaping experience.


Find the flavour that suits you with our selection of prefilled pods featuring a range of flavours that appeal to varying palates.

This epic selection features two award-winning flavours, Heisenberg and Lemon Pie and three best-selling flavours, Pinkman, Menthol and Tobacco. With four flavour profiles, everyone has the opportunity to find their All Day Vape (ADV).

All our prefilled pods come with 2ml of e-liquid and a magnetic base that slides elegantly into the battery of the Dot Pro.

Our flavour menu has four categories, Menthol, Fruit, Baked and Tobacco, delivering a selection that appeals to all palates.

More Information
E-Liquid Strength 20mg
Flavour Pinkman
Hardware Brand Dot Pro
Hardware Range Dot Pro
Kit Type Pre-Filled Kit
Return period 182 days
Exchange period 182 days
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